Apothecary's Log - Castrobel's Reclimation

It’s a good thing these nano meds self replicate, because this Kill-Team is going to need all the First Aid it can get. Of course the drop pod set down in a horde of Tyranids, and of course our extra ammo was destroyed. I swear Thompson can do nothing right. Arcemes almost fell in battle to the horde, but it was not his fate to get crippled that day. Patch patch patch and it’s off to the ammo supply!

I have no idea what this fungus is, but PhearLing seems to think we can burn it out with some modified Promethium fuel. Time to put that Chem Use training to work. Wait.. is that a bunch of rockets in the corner?!? I’m going to wait over here PhearLing, you go ahead and try out that flamer.

H-uh. He didn’t explode. Guess I’m a decent Chymest. Now that we are locked and loaded it’s time for.. WTF is that thing? Great, a Carnifax. Well, lets see what these twin-linked bike shooters can do.

Fagan you are crazy. Just.. that was crazy. Hope I can patch you up after that.

Castrobel’s Reclamation - Briefing

Castrobel’s Reclaimation
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Mission Briefing

The briefing is given to you in person by Watch Captain Brand, his one eye scarred over and his mouth in a perpetual defiant sneer against the enemies of man. A Deathwatch Sentry Guard annouces his arrival, “TEN-HUT!”

“At Ease Brothers,” He begins.
“The Emperor’s Tarot was indeed effective, your kill-team exceeded our already-high expectations at command. You have been given the designation Final Scourge in the Deathwatch rosters. Wear it well, as we have high hopes and expectations of you. None outside this hall will know your glory but those who do will know of epic tales of glory for the Emperor at the hands of the Final Scourge." Watch Captain Brand shakes everyone’s hand before settling in for the mission breifing.

“Lets get down to it. We’ve noted that your morale during debriefing was so high that you’ve commented about retaking the whole damn planet. We agree. Tantalus, however, is only a colony-moon of the Hive World Castrobel, where the real prize and the real fighting is to be had. I won’t lie to my battle brothers, the Imperial Army and Navy are slowly losing ground to the Tyranid horde there. However, the data core you retrieved revealed that while Tyranids are immune to fear, they may not be immune to over-confidence, and we have pin-pointed a weakness in their anti-air acid towers that we can exploit with precision bombing to create a suitable drop zone for your kill team. Our hope is that with the Acid Towers destroyed and enemies behind the front lines troops on the ground can rally as the anvil to your hammer and we shall break the Xenos menace” Grim looks of determination are traded. Watch Captain Brand can see he has the right men for the job.

“Your mission is to drop deep behind enemy lines, near what remains of Castrum (Fort) Higgs, take out key bio-masses and restore some of our key structures. This will let us create, drop pod, air lift or teleport in reinforcements. With that force you should be able to destroy what the filthy Xenos use as command and control. The biologis call these a ‘brain bank’ bio-mass and a Tyranid Planetary Class Hive Tyrant. Deathwatch has approved a short term boost in your requisition allotment for this mission, as we expect you will need every advantage you can get.”

“If you succeed, the Imperial Army will be able to break through their lines during the confusion caused by your strike and we can retake the planet. With Castrobal secure Tantalus will not be a problem and we can avoid extracting exterminatis on that moon. If you fail, billions will die."

He gives the kill team a moment of silence for it to sink in, for the vast, vast bulk of the Imperium deeds like these are fantasy, fiction, books, holo-reels, myths, legends.

For you, it is a Tuesday.

After the moment, he walks out, leaving Final Scourge to contemplate their fate.

Primary Objectives

Purge the Hive Tyrant
Purify Brain Bank

Secondary Objectives

Purify Acid Towers
Purify Toxin Globules
Purify Brain Nodes
Purge Major Synapse Creatures
Purify Spawning Grounds
Purify Tyranid Capillaries
Purify Main Digestion Pools
Purge Minor Synapse Creatures and Units

Tertiary Objectives

Liberate Shrine of the Emperor
Liberate Central Command Structure
Destroy Southern Prometheum Factory
Destroy / Secure Outlying Prometheum Factories
Secure Assault Bikes
Secure Vehicle Hanger
Bring Cyclopes Laz Tower online
Enable Sentry Gun Control
Enable AA Banks
Restore Power Grid
Restore Cogitator Grid
Enable Battle Servitor Factory


Normal 1: 153
In Reserve 2: 150

1. You can requisition up to 3 items of Distinguished Renown.
2. Reserve requisition can be spent on Distinguished Imperial Navy, Imperial Army, and Astartes Tactical Fire Support units (when they can arrive / be used “safely”). (Details in Rites of Battle.)

Story So Far

The Story So Far


The Kill-Team was recently established as indicated by the Emperor’s Tarot being used by the Head Librarian of Watch-Station Erioch. Emissaries were sent across the vast reaches of the Warp to assemble a crack team of Space Marines from the noble Ultramarines, the mysterious Dark Angels and the indefatigable Storm Wardens.

Initial Test

They were subjected to a virtual training program to demonstrate their abilities and to test the simulation. All distinguished themselves with various acts of valor vs the simulacra (simms) of Tyranids and Chaos Space Marines, and many simms were scared to the point of vomiting or clawing at their own flesh in desperation.


Zerg rush motivational poster by kolnukbyne
They were then dispatched to the dying moon of Tantalus (resource moon of Castobel) to retrieve a data core before the Tyranid horde destroyed it. They were to retrieve the data core from the Magos Biologis Vyakai.
The kill-team landed in a prometheum manufactorum and split up to cover more ground. They rendezvoused at the local barracks where they found Commissar Falco Sander and his unit fighting for their lives. The kill-team saved them, but led several marauding bands of Tyranids to them as well. Fagan distinguished himself by jumping atop the biggest of them and claiming the kill as his own. He even followed it into the ground, where it received it’s death-hurt and ran into a prometheum line, sending a gout of flame that launched him out of the abyss. The kill-team then went North to the central command of the manufactorum and found the blood of the Magos going inside. They were able to find him after fighting through waves of Tyranids to the central command room. There they rigged the place to blow after they left, and convinced the machine-spirit of the Magos to follow them. From there they went to their extraction point, and hunkered down with the Commissar, his troops, and any servitors they found to fend off the Tyranid main attacks until their Thunderhawk came. Just as they were leaving they found out that a massive genus specimen had latched unto their gunship, and they would have to remove it before they could escape the planet! They blew off it’s bone sword and whip just in time, sending it plummeting and burning up in the atmosphere below.

They had succeeded spectacularly against overwhelming odds.

Watch-captain Brand congratulated them personally at their debriefing.


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