Story So Far

The Story So Far


The Kill-Team was recently established as indicated by the Emperor’s Tarot being used by the Head Librarian of Watch-Station Erioch. Emissaries were sent across the vast reaches of the Warp to assemble a crack team of Space Marines from the noble Ultramarines, the mysterious Dark Angels and the indefatigable Storm Wardens.

Initial Test

They were subjected to a virtual training program to demonstrate their abilities and to test the simulation. All distinguished themselves with various acts of valor vs the simulacra (simms) of Tyranids and Chaos Space Marines, and many simms were scared to the point of vomiting or clawing at their own flesh in desperation.


Zerg rush motivational poster by kolnukbyne
They were then dispatched to the dying moon of Tantalus (resource moon of Castobel) to retrieve a data core before the Tyranid horde destroyed it. They were to retrieve the data core from the Magos Biologis Vyakai.
The kill-team landed in a prometheum manufactorum and split up to cover more ground. They rendezvoused at the local barracks where they found Commissar Falco Sander and his unit fighting for their lives. The kill-team saved them, but led several marauding bands of Tyranids to them as well. Fagan distinguished himself by jumping atop the biggest of them and claiming the kill as his own. He even followed it into the ground, where it received it’s death-hurt and ran into a prometheum line, sending a gout of flame that launched him out of the abyss. The kill-team then went North to the central command of the manufactorum and found the blood of the Magos going inside. They were able to find him after fighting through waves of Tyranids to the central command room. There they rigged the place to blow after they left, and convinced the machine-spirit of the Magos to follow them. From there they went to their extraction point, and hunkered down with the Commissar, his troops, and any servitors they found to fend off the Tyranid main attacks until their Thunderhawk came. Just as they were leaving they found out that a massive genus specimen had latched unto their gunship, and they would have to remove it before they could escape the planet! They blew off it’s bone sword and whip just in time, sending it plummeting and burning up in the atmosphere below.

They had succeeded spectacularly against overwhelming odds.

Watch-captain Brand congratulated them personally at their debriefing.



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