Apothecary's Log - Castrobel's Reclimation

It’s a good thing these nano meds self replicate, because this Kill-Team is going to need all the First Aid it can get. Of course the drop pod set down in a horde of Tyranids, and of course our extra ammo was destroyed. I swear Thompson can do nothing right. Arcemes almost fell in battle to the horde, but it was not his fate to get crippled that day. Patch patch patch and it’s off to the ammo supply!

I have no idea what this fungus is, but PhearLing seems to think we can burn it out with some modified Promethium fuel. Time to put that Chem Use training to work. Wait.. is that a bunch of rockets in the corner?!? I’m going to wait over here PhearLing, you go ahead and try out that flamer.

H-uh. He didn’t explode. Guess I’m a decent Chymest. Now that we are locked and loaded it’s time for.. WTF is that thing? Great, a Carnifax. Well, lets see what these twin-linked bike shooters can do.

Fagan you are crazy. Just.. that was crazy. Hope I can patch you up after that.



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